Concept and Design

Imitation of finesse worm finished with a little blade in its tail, the Bak-Worm is composed of a body which degrades slowly until a final section with narrow rings, choice applied to increase the sinuous movements during the stages of recovery. Remove the final blade, Bak Worm increases the ability of vibration, being completely natural. The enlarged head relative to the body, allows a perfect alignment in drop shot. Extremely effective in shaky head or wacky rig. Useful for tempting apathetic predators, the Bak-Worm is imbued with proprietary scent which has proven to lengthen the time of retention. Measures 6” and available in five selected colors to deal successfully with all types of water, from lighter to darker. Italian designed by Mauro Salvagno in collaboration with Emanuele Turato

Color Chart

Bak Worm is available in the following colors: