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A simple yet essential bait that combines a finesse presentation with the vibrations emitted by large grubs. Similar to a worm for use in clear water, the Moty grub entices even the most apathetic and distrustful predators. The vibrations emitted by the large tail are lethal in all finesse presentations. Successful with a range of techniques such as split shot, drop shot, weightless Texas and shaky head. The Moty grub is designed by renowned Italian angler Simone Bruccoleri. With this bait Simone has finally revealed the artificial which earned many championship wins and the title of M.O.T.Y. The true meaning of the acronym we let him keep secret, but what is revealed is the effectiveness of using a finesse grub, especially with fish in suspension, allowing extremely natural movements and a wide variety of situations where it stays for much longer in the strike zone with slow and natural falls. Available in six colors, to stir the den of all predators lurking and looking for an easy catch for them… and then for you.

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