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The Bruko stick bait is a proven fish catcher. Designed to be fished a variety of ways, those that only fish it wacky style are missing the true design brilliance of the Bruko. Throw on a weight and work it on the bottom Texas rig style or, were it really excels is to rig it weightless Texas and work it through dollar pads or other surface cover. The Bruko is designed to assist you with perfect rigging, every time. Start at the skinny end and place a 4/0 offset hook in the guide hole. Use the slight lateral line of the bait to make sure the bait isn’t twisted onto the hook. Thanks to the fulcrum provided by the offset hook you can get movements extremely tempting for big bass. The durometer of the mixture has been specifically chosen to maintain the proper relation between softness and durability of the lure. Its attractant power is increased by the inner salt and proprietary scent that has proven the most effective among all the flavors in increasing the retention of the bait by predators. Measure 4.5” and available in five different colors selected to successfully deal with all types of water, from lighter to darker. Italian designed by Emanuele Turato.

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