The Pendolino Rig System is a completely new “fishing system” designed to entice reluctant fish to eat. Extremely versatile, the Pendolino is the creation of Italian master craftsman and angler, Paolo Germani.

To fish the Pendolino, is to adopt a new way of thinking, allowing one to manipulate the “life” of the lure in complete autonomy. It provides unprecedented bait vitality and maximum maneuverability at all depths. To fish the Pendolino is about having absolute control, allowing the impeccable use of currents and structure, to exert precise vibration, sounds, and movement.

By using this system, we knock on the front door, finding and tempting fish in places and situations considered until now difficult or impossible. The Pendolino system makes suspicious fish hungry, and works on both freshwater and saltwater predators, from bass to pike, perch to catfish, seabass to snapper, redfish to tuna.

The Pendolino Rig System

This innovative technique brings imitation to a whole new level, more real than real.
It’s not a lure, it's a system of several parts specifically designed to work together:

Soft baits – The Persuader paddle is the heart of the system. A swimbait by nature, it has two distinct parts: the first is compact with two empty spaces inside for balance and profile, the second is for reacting to every movement imparted by angler, current, or structure. Cut off the paddle and use it on the bottom.

Weights, Battocchio e Corno are not merely for finding the correct spot in the water column, but have streamlined shape and colour, allowing them to be “weights of movement”, intrinsic to the aesthetic appeal of the presentation. Corno available in 3gr and 6gr, Battocchio available in 1.5gr, 3gr, 5gr, and 7gr.

Snap, The Triangle Snap has a triple angle that locks the weight and the hook in two different places, allowing for maximum movement.

Hook A #3/0 or #4/0 corrosion resistant offset specially engineered to hook and land fish of all size.

Together, the elements create a system that may be presented dead drifted, through bottom contact, or as a minnow on regular retrieve or jerked at depth or on the surface. Aimed to more apathetic and difficult fish.

Color Chart

Persuader is available in the following colors: